Welcome to my Living With Narcolepsy blog.

This blog, as well as my book “Living With Narcolepsy” is dedicated to my sister Rebecca who was the first person I ever know with Narcolepsy, and has taught me so much about it and about myself and how I respond to people – so to her I say thanks and hope this information helps others to understand this much is-understood disorder.

The book I have written contains a series of “stories” as told by the people who have narcolepsy. It is written to tell their story, from when they initially suspecting they had narcolepsy, through diagnosis, treatment, any set-backs, cure, and follow up. They also tell how they manage work, life and relationships with narcolepsy. You can find the book at www.living-with-narcolepsy.com

I hope people will use this space to share thier stories of living with narcolepsy, post thier questions and generally help and support each other.

Cheers for now, Dianne

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